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31-Oct-2017 05:51

The tax would still be owing, along with either some (or all) of the arrears interest.

The proposed changes to the VDP can be traced back to October 2016, when the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, in its report to the government, recommended that the CRA undertake a comprehensive review of the VDP.

In December 2016, the Offshore Compliance Advisory Committee (OCAC), an independent committee composed of tax experts, presented its Report on the Voluntary Disclosures Program to the CRA, along with recommendations on how to improve the VDP so that it could be made “more effective and more fair.” The OCAC recommended that the VDP be continued but proposed tightening the criteria to be accepted into the program.

The CRA has recently completed its review of the VDP and issued a draft of newly-updated “Information Circular — IC00-1R6 — Voluntary Disclosures Program.” It also announced a 60-day online consultation period where Canadians can provide their input on the proposed changes to the VDP. The key proposed changes would narrow the eligibility for the VDP and place additional conditions on taxpayers who wish to apply.

Well, for starters, the relief you may be entitled to will depend upon which track the CRA assigns you to: the “general program” or the “limited program.” If you’re accepted under the general program, you’re eligible for full penalty relief and partial interest relief.

The limited program would only be eligible for reduced relief.

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The CRA will review the input received and is expected to announce formal changes to the VDP in the fall of 2017. Perhaps the most significant policy change follows the OCAC’s first recommendation that the VDP should offer “less generous relief in certain circumstances,” meaning that major cases of non-compliance won’t get the same level of relief as they would under the current program.

Other changes include: requiring the payment of the estimated taxes owing as a condition of qualifying for the program; excluding applications from corporations with gross revenue in excess of 0 million; excluding applications that disclose income from the proceeds of crime; changing the way the amount of interest relief available is calculated; and cancelling VDP relief if it’s later discovered that a taxpayer’s VDP application was incomplete due to wilful misrepresentation.For example, if your 2016 tax return was due on May 1, 2017 and you haven’t yet filed, you can’t use the VDP to get out of your late-filing penalty.

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