Updating data in a database requires updating the schema

02-Jan-2018 18:46

If you do not have access to the command line of your server, then use the web updater to run the update script.

when using composer.to let Composer install extensions and their dependencies, you may see an error message saying that there is a mismatch between the installed and required version (e.g.

All you need is a tool to make sure the updates are performed consistently among all systems. This plugin scans a folder for SQL scripts that match a given filename pattern, for example: Updates are processed in order, in transactions, and failures/retries are handled gracefully.

Because this is a multi Task, you can register several entries and maintain multiple schemas from one tool!

Wendy, can you comment on South or any other method for schema updates? I agree that you should not need to delete existing data.

You could always create the new field manually (using a modified version of the SQL query generated by `python sql [app]`) and set a default for the field if necessary. And it is necessary to reset the both apps' tables.

and if you're still using My SQL, Postgre SQL, or another traditional SQL database, keeping schemas in sync between development, QA, and production environments is still a challenge.

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Be sure this file contains enough information to construct the database AND the schema-version tracking table. This is useful if you want to wipe-and-reload the database schema. I do need some sort of mechanism for updating the schema.I have heard that South is useful for this purpose. your immediate dev needs, you can do whatever you want with the database, but at least take careful note of which schema changes you make, because we'll have to do them on the live site. I've only used south sparingly, but it seems pretty useful.Type: , the database will be presumed to be corrupt or invalid and the schema update will start from the first file in the series.

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This is useful for populating empty databases from scratch.

after each upgrade of Media Wiki or after the update or install of an extension that requires a schema update.

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