Samsung software home theatre updating

05-Aug-2017 02:09

Hello, the reason that Google/Youtube has stopped Youtube support on 3 years old TV sand devices cannot be technical. Please visit the dedicated Facebook page to join our efforts to have Youtube back on Sony, Panasonic, Apple TVs and Blu-ray devices. About three weeks ago a message appears when I started the You Tube app on my Samsung TV or Samsung Blue Ray player.

Samsung even sold a product called Demetrius Evolution for 0 to fix the problem but I was told it wouldn't work with my TV. " I still had some problems making this work as prescribed above - until I found the missing clue - you have to do all the key-presses above really quickly. v=w HO1CRe FOLU The upshot is that this 'different kind' of reset made all the difference - and now the Apps are permanently showing rather than disappearing randomly from time to time.

I also have a drama now that the volume won't work when watching You Tube ? Next time, I will purchase a low cost television and a separate computer. got this info from Samsung about performing a 'different kind' of full factory reset... Im using my ipad ( Itunes) ( havent checked if its also available in android though)...

"Please perform a full factory reset on your Samsung TV which should hopefully resolve this issue. - Press these buttons in order: INFO - MENU - MUTE - POWER. from there you can cast or mirror from the TVCAST app to your samsung smart tv.. i kinda enjoy watching anything from the TVCAST APP...

No longer supported by You Tube" I spent hours on the phone with Google and Samsung. Samsung tech support had me try various things to repair the problem but no one would pick up the phone and call engineering.check it out you might find other ways to used the TVCAST app...when i bought my samsung smart tv all was well watching youtube not until samsung sent an update of its software then that when my youtube app started ERROR Playback...Hello there, Ever since a recent update to my TVs You Tube app, the app has a cut off screen. The screen is black in the lower right side of the screen.

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It's like two black rectangles one starting from the top of the right side of the screen, and the other from the bottom left side, and meeting in the bottom right corner. Samsung Smart TV Serial #: Z3RS3CCB400790D Model Code: UN55D6420UFXZC Version: HQ02 Any help would be greatly appreciated. You could try updating the firmware by USB, or if you havent already, contact Samsung.Youtube and Google are useless and gready for certain and I am totally disgusted since they are all blaming each other and no help for the consumers.. go out a purchase either the Chromecast or Roku and the problem is solved. My "smart" TV is 32" model for which I paid around 0.00 Canadian. so i did the next best thing its not a solution though to use the youtube app but a roundabout to be able to watch youtube on the big screen....

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