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In the report, he said: “I suggest that the way in which families bereaved through public tragedy are treated by those in authority is in itself a burning injustice which must be addressed.” He said it was clear some of the issues faced by the Hillsborough families in the aftermath of the tragedy, which took place on April 15 1989, still persist.

He said: “The experience of the Hillsborough families demonstrates the need for a substantial change in the culture of public bodies.” Bishop Jones proposed that public bodies sign up to a Charter for Families Bereaved Through Public Tragedy to commit to placing the public interest above their own reputation in the event of a tragedy and to approaching public inquiries and inquests in an “open, honest and transparent way”.

So Joel, ii, 22: "The beautiful places of the wilderness are sprung", or literally: "The pastures of the wilderness shoot forth".

So, too, the desert was not necessarily uninhabited.

The report found that the first inquests into the deaths, which had a cut-off time for evidence of 3.15pm on the day, failed to accurately establish how the 96 came about their deaths, and families were unable to successfully challenge the “flawed basis” on which the inquests took place because their legal representation was unfunded and inadequate.

In the report, Bishop Jones said: “The bravery and tenacity of the Hillsborough families has been exceptional; it is clear that without their determination and endurance there would never have been any redress for their 96 loved ones.

Very frequently the word 'arabah has a mere geographical sense.

Thus it refers to the strange depression extending from the base of Mount Hermon , through the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, to the Gulf of Akabah.

No such ideas are attached to the Hebrew words for desert.He called for a “duty of candour” which would require police officers, serving or retired, to cooperate fully with investigations undertaken by the Independent Police Complaints Commission or its successor body.