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This population occurs in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, but has not been recorded in Vietnam since 1997.

In 2010, the population in Indochina was estimated at about 350 individuals.

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The validity of several tiger subspecies was questioned in 1999.

Fossil remains of the Longdan tiger were found in the Gansu province of northwestern China.

This species lived at the beginning of the Pleistocene, about 2 million years ago, and is considered to be a sister taxon of the modern tiger.

This, coupled with the fact that they are indigenous to some of the more densely populated places on Earth, has caused significant conflicts with humans.

Tigers once ranged widely across eastern Eurasia, from the Black Sea in the west, to the Indian Ocean in the south, and from Kolyma to Sumatra in the east.

Therefore, it was proposed to recognize only two tiger subspecies as valid, namely P. The authors proposed to classify Sumatran and Javan tiger as distinct species, P. The authors proposed recognition of only two subspecies, namely P. tigris comprising the Bengal, Malayan, Indochinese, South Chinese, Siberian and Caspian tiger populations, and P. sondaica comprising the Javan, Bali and Sumatran tiger populations.

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