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Maybe the person whom we see in front of us, may be least compatible than the person who is miles away.

We might talk to each other and portray that we love each other, but practically we do not end up into any relationship.

It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind.

Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. To some Love is friendship set on fire for others Maybe love is like luck. No matter how you define it or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind. It has no envy, nor it boasts itself and it is never proud. Love protects; preserves and hopes for the positive aspect of life. It is like the dream of your matter of affection coming true. It bonds them and connects them in a unified link of trust, intimacy and interdependence. Look at the relationship between a mother and a child.

Also, in an ancient proverb love is defined as a high form of tolerance.


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