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10-Jan-2018 05:21

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Libra betches have expensive tastes, meaning that any fuckboy who even dreams of hitting it with a Libra better come correct with the budget to do so.

If a guy wants the honor of sporadically answering your texts for a period of several months, then he needs to make sure that when he does finally decide to answer he’s inviting you to dinner at the nicest restaurant in town.

Aries betches are all drama, so they’re going to want a fuckboy who can keep up.

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You don’t even really need to know this fuckboy’s name, TBH.Coded messages and random 3am sad face emojis are not going to work for you.You’d rather have a guy whose dating profile says “My girlfriend doesn’t know I’m on this site” than some d-bag who waits three dates to tell you he’s actually in an “open relationship” by which he means “My girlfriend doesn’t know I’m on this site.” Honesty you can work with. Virgo betches are highly intellectual, meaning that you’re going to want a fuckboy who can stimulate both your body and your mind.As modern women, we are all doomed to hit it with a fuckboy at least once in our lives, if we want to maintain the steady stream of sexual attention TV and movies say we should be receiving at all times. Well what better way to find that out than to base it on the approximate locations of the planets when you were born?

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power off when updating bios

Honestly, seems like a much more accurate system than basing it on the two best photos of someone that may or may not be from 15 pounds ago and a bio that their best girl friend wrote that is almost 100% lies.

Luckily, thanks to Judd Apatow & Co., the man-boy thing is very popular amongst men these days so you should have no problem finding one of your very own. Just go to like, any bar with a beer/shot special and you’ll be picking his ass up from soccer practice in no time.