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21-Jul-2017 11:17

Thinking about how to switch tabs rips your attention from completing your task and put it squarely on using the computer.

Instead of MRU ordering, we could use a static ordering dictated by when the applications were opened.

Every major OS provides an “alt-tab” interface: a keyboard shortcut for quickly switching between windows and applications.

In the above case, the ordering would always keep the web browser and text editor next to each other, once the habit was formed.

This kind of interface is a habit respecting design and I dub it HRMRU order or Habit Respecting Most Recently Used order.

With it, alt-tab would switch to an interface that seems to magically know what you want: hitting alt-tab almost always takes you were you want to go.

While there are well-known issues with adaptive interfaces, if you followed the same guidelines above to make it a habit-respecting adaptive interface, we might get an interface that seems capable of mind reading.

Of course, we might also get an interface that’s too clever for it’s own good.

Switching between applications, windows, and tabs is a fundamental action of modern computers.

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