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15-Oct-2017 17:15

“Bobby said, ‘I want to do something about Joseph Smith,’ ” recalls Stone, the younger and more extroverted of the duo, referrring to the founder of the Mormon religion. They had first thought of a fictionalized Smith while working on an aborted Fox TV series about historical characters. “We pretty quickly got to a modern story.” This new version revolved around two young men who would go into the world on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a missionary task that’s obligatory for all Mormons.

“Then we opened a corporation and did the whole investment thing.” Financing ,” quips Stone.

A week after they leave New York around March 28, the pair hurtles into the 15th season of , part of a new pact with Comedy Central that keeps the show on the air through 2013 and is said to be even richer than their previous million deal.