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From 1841, names and an increasing amount of personal detail were collected.The early Christian document Hermas, or Shepherd of Hermas, was known to the early Church Fathers.The Muratorian canon, a list of canonical books from about the 3d century, says Hermas was written by the brother of Pius, Bishop of Rome, about 140-154.The Shepherd speaks of a Son of God; but this Son of God is distinguished from Jesus. Conybeare renders the passage: "God made His Holy Spirit, which pre-existed and created all creation, to enter and dwell in the flesh which He approved." In this text the Holy Spirit appears to be a divine substance. The "flesh" is spoken of as a person who "walked as pleased God, because it was not polluted on earth." "God, therefore, took into counsel the Son and the angels in their glory, to the end that this flesh might furnish, as it were, a place of tabernacling (for the Spirit), and might not seem to have lost the reward of its service.

"That Holy Spirit which was created first of all, God placed in a body, in which it should dwell, in a chosen body, as it pleased him." This is Martini's translation. For all flesh shall receive the reward which shall be found without stain or spot, and in it the Holy Spirit shall have its home." This passage appears to make the "tabernacling" of the Holy Spirit in Jesus a reward for the purity of his life.While many of the customs will be explained in the lessons to follow, here's an introduction to Abraham's life and times.

Außerdem sollten Sie Ihre Bürste gegen einen grob gezackten Kamm eintauschen oder diese zumindest erst verwenden, wenn die Haare komplett trocken sind.… continue reading »

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