Dating gaze

21-Sep-2017 08:24

’ If you doubt me, then try ­wearing a hat to a Christmas party and you’ll see what I mean. A hat shouts ‘I do not fear attention’ and turns every man you meet into a terrific flirt. If he thinks you’re adorable, what can he say that doesn’t sound cheesy or creepy?You’ll probably never know how many men truly fancy you until you wear a hat. But get into a lift ­wearing a trilby and you’ve ­supplied his opening line for him — nine times out of ten, he’ll say: ‘Nice hat! You feel sexy, because you’re ­suddenly the kind of girl who guys chat up in lifts. Some woolly tea-cosy-style monstrosity your grandmother knitted won’t do. Think a cowboy hat, cloche, pillbox — something that works with your personality or that gives you permission to try a new one. At a party, it says: ‘I might be available.’ But in a supermarket, it just says: ‘I might be unstable.’)Let’s move on to the rest of your outfit.It’s ­important to smile with your eyes, though, or you’ll look like Hannibal Lecter.

I would build what my friends called a ‘­platonic wall’, which seemed to keep attractive men at an (extremely friendly) arm’s length.That changed drastically a few years ago when I was appearing in the ­Edinburgh Festival.