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"The Dating Game" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Baby Daddy.

Ben finally wants to make the move and ask Sam on a date, but has Danny set up the date instead, which has Sam misunderstanding that Danny asked her out.

Zoey is nervous about asking Ben out, and has Tucker set up the date for them, with Tucker misunderstanding that Zoey is into him.

Riley is forced to take on a big divorce case of Joan Carpenter (Ginifer King) a frequent wine drinker, and the sister of one of the law firm partners.

1-10 14 May 06 The Baptism (aka Margene's Baptism) 11. 1-12 04 Jun 06 The Ceremony (aka A Family Outing) Season 2 13.

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Riley then sets up Joan to hang out with Bonnie, unaware that Joan is a lesbian and learns that she has romantic feelings for Bonnie.

big love dating game-41

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In said message, your friend explains that she’s set you up on an Uber-tastic date. You’re handed a blindfold, and Moyd — all the while cracking jokes — picks up two potential suitors of your sexual preference (remember, he’s been in secret communication with your friend). For Moyd — who bills himself as a "no-holds-barred, don’t-care-if-I-offend-people comedian" — the road has been rocky.

But his new role as convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala in Investigation Discovery’s (ID) first scripted true crime project, “The Dating Game Killer,” takes things to a whole other level.

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