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I had a very busy 2 week trip and really enjoyed myself (in spite of having my pocket picked, learned a lot and even found several Cola de Pescado points at the Dos Amigos site in Learning To Be Human is a Leverhulme Trust funded research project that is designed to investigate the relationship between developing flintknapping skill, cognition and language in hominids.Students are being trained in knapping and their developing skills are being tracked over a period of 30 months.The first is in Southwest projectile point research in Pueblo archaeology in the Four Corners area in the 1970s involved me in the great Chaco debate, and I have been there ever since.Wallace Ruin, a Chaco Outlier near Cortez, Colorado.Then in 2006 in World Archaeology Dennis and I published our response.Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to make these available on this web page as they are in copyright.

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Check out the University of Exeter and the recently published article.Also, this spring I spent a week with Bill Woodcock knapping almost continuously on things he wanted made.